quinta-feira, janeiro 13, 2011

Young Kevin Flynn 3D

Made in 3DMax,
Bg in Photoshop....

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Kannan disse...

Good post.

Olavo Marques disse...

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joyce van bijsterveld disse...

wow, amazing. I do also work with programs like these at my school. My blog is about my life at that school, and am new here. So I would like some people to know me xD I really do like your work, good job :)

Liou disse...


Access disse...

I'm a big fan of TRON, and that likeness of FLYNN is uncanny. Great work man.

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zuzu disse...

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Creditomovil: préstamos rápidos online y sin aval disse...

Very good!!

tv vanavond disse...

3D cartoon movie is most famous in the whole world.....

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